Work With Me

Food/Product Photography & Styling: I have produced content for a number of magazines, content for websites, social media and small businesses as well as my own food photography & styling and all work has a ‘natural-light’ freshness to it. I would love to be able to produce imagery for your beautiful recipes or publication.

Sponsored Content: A great deal of my photography is through my own blog and social media account and I adore working with brands who resonate with me and my theme. If you would like your product used to create a delicious recipe, then please get in touch.

Usage Rights: All imagery rights that I create are owned by me unless agreed otherwise within a contract. I usually offer limited usage over a short timeframe with a fee on top of any fee used to create an image. Any further rights (full/exclusive) then I am more than happy to negotiate usage rights in line with how it is intended on being used and timeframes etc

Social Media Usage Rights: I love working with brands and sometimes we will collaborate in relation to PR Samples used on my feed if the product is suitable and within my theme however, this does not warrant sharing on a brand feed unless specified by the content creator and Terms & Conditions are met.

Get In Contact: My e-mail is