About Me

All About The Humble P!

For as long as I can remember I have been in love with food, travelling and good cocktails and this little corner of the World Wide Web is my honest and humble views, reviews and opinions on, well, basically all of the above!​ So, here I am, a Kent based Food and Travel Blogger.

So, Who Am I?

I am a pescatarian, a video producer, a Food and Travel Blogger, a petite human with a deep joy for calamari, mac and cheese and a general love for comfort food, delicious fine-dining, home decor/renovation, exploring and spending time with my favourite people (so… all in all a bit of everything, really)!​

I’ve also had the pleasure of writing for various media outlets, reviewing restaurants and writing about my stays in various hotels. Check out my recent collaboration with Kent Live about the Best and Worst restaurants in Kent here.

Writing About Food 

For me, food is life. I am extremely passionate about good food, visiting exciting new places and writing reviews about the experiences I have had. I also love making up recipes that don’t break the bank.

Writing About Travel

I love travelling but I am not a full-time traveller. It’s rare to find people who travel for a living and even if you do, it isn’t a realistic lifestyle. The reviews and blogs you’ll find on my site contain anything and everything from weekend UK breaks, City breaks to long haul – without costing an arm and a leg.

As someone who works, it can be hard to travel and enjoy time but it IS possible to fit in exciting breaks in between annual leave, weekends off and those little lieu days you might get here and then – all without costing too much.

Want to Work With Me?

If you want to collaborate on a food or travel topic… Pop over to my contact page and ping me a message!