Review: Leila Ealing

The Location

Leila based in Ealing, and only moments away from Ealing Common station is a long-running and well-established restaurant serving Middle Eastern food in London. They have a multitude of influences within their food with a wonderfully varied and creative menu. The space is very traditional, pretty and full of vibrant colours which stand their restaurant out from the rest. It’s also a very large open space which is perfect for catering to large parties.

The Starters

I haven’t had Moroccan and Lebanese food for a long while so was really excited to try their food. With dishes like this, it’s common practice to share lots of little plates with your friends or family and this makes all of the difference, especially when the food is beautifully presented and with such a variety to choose from. To start, we chose the fried bread, served with zaatar, sumac, lemon juice and olive oil which had the most incredible bold flavours and was one of my most favourite of choices and I loved how sharp the flavours were.

We also had Zaalouk which is a delicious dish of aubergine cooked slowly in oil and served with spices, tomatoes, garlic and is so refreshing, especially as it is served cold. This was one of my favourites, extremely flavoursome and absolutely packed full of Middle Eastern flavours. I also tried the Calamari which was sauteed in a delicious homemade tomato sauce, peppers and spices and as this is served warm, it really worked with some of the other flavours of the cold dishes we had.

The two other dishes we had were the Fatayer which is a handmade fluffy pastry served with spinach, onions and refreshing pomegranates and the hummus which was packed full of sesame oil and lemon juice. The combination of these two things was just delightful. We also had to try the hummus, which is one of my all time favourite snacks and the bread they served with it was absolutely heavenly and when warm it practically melted in the mouth. Just wonderful.

The Main

You cannot visit a Moroccan and Lebanese restaurant and not choose a tagine. Tagine’s are special because they have a unique conical shape makes a perfect cooking environment. The base is usually very wide and shallow, and the tall lid fits snugly inside. It’s also used to create a wide range of delicious dishes, and we chose the seabass tagine and it quite frankly blew my mind with the flavours. It’s very easy to make a dish with basic ingredients like the humble tomato but when incorporated with lemon and spices and gently cooked, it can make for a delicious vibrant dish.

This tagine was served with the brightest saffron cous cous I think I have ever tried, although for me it was possibly a little too dry as I like my cous cous to be very buttery and moist.

The Dessert

Nothing finishes off a delicious spread such as this other than a selection of beautiful baklava and a hot mint tea. I am yet to meet someone who doesn’t love baklava, it’s flaky pastry mixed with nuts and delicious syrup is the perfect way to finish a delicious dinner.


It is clear to see that Leila Ealing is popular based on the reviews online and simply by the quality of food. We were sat in a lovely little conservatory that was warm, clean and covered in a mix of faux flowers that brightened up the room. It feels very family orientated and very inviting with good service.

The cost of the food is reasonable as well and as all of the food is homemade and so flavourful, you know that you’re paying for decent quality. I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend Leila Ealing to anyone – it’s a lovely restaurant and I will definitely be going there again.


5, Grosvenor Parade, Uxbridge Rd, Ealing Common, London W5 3NN

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Disclaimer: Dinner gifted by Leila Ealing




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    March 2, 2020 / 9:05 pm

    Thanks for sharing, what was your favorite dish there?

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