Product Review: Anno Orange & Honey Gin

The Product

Who doesn’t love the flavours of bursting citrus, zingy orange zest and the subtle spices of ginger and nutmeg to bring out the sweetness of locally sourced honey? Exactly, nobody. These flavours pair wonderfully and upon tasting, awaken your palate.

There is one thing that you are immediately drawn to with this Anno Orange & Honey gin, a Kent based distillery in the heart of the Garden of England, is how much they care about the important role bees have in not only the development of the beautiful ingredients used to create this gin; but also just how vital they are to our ecosystem.

Anno have teamed up with Bee Friendly Trust to support their mission to create as many habitats as they can for these amazing honey bees and all pollinators to thrive in and with every bottle of Anno Orange & Honey gin sold, a donation is made to Bee Friendly Trust; making that subtle sweetness even sweeter.

The second thing that you are drawn to is the vibrant orange hue which, like other Anno gin’s, is one if the very things that makes Anno so recognisable – their hues for the gin they represent.

The Flavour

I’ve always loved a flavourful gin – whether the nose is punchy and packed full of spices or full of zest and fragrance – as long as the flavour is prominent and I don’t have to add a huge amount of theatre, then I’m happy.

This particular gin has a wonderfully punchy fresh orange flavour that is immediately noticeable before you then get flavours of ginger that warm your tastebuds before being overcome by the subtly of sweet honey – the flavours here are actually really complex and layered so you’re not overwhelmed by different flavours all in one go.

The finish here is also something I was really impressed with because after the sweetness, you then get the lingering tastes of juniper and a bit more of that ginger spice I was talking about and it lingers so tenderly that you almost don’t want another sip so soon.


I have tried a few of Anno’s gin and have always been impressed but alongside their Anno Berry Pink Gin (which is basically a bottle of sweeties), this gin is my favourite. It’s versatile, and if you serve with a sprinkle of bee pollen and a dash of honey (like how I served mine) and with a bottle of premium tonic you’ll have a gin you’ll remember.


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Disclaimer: Anno Orange & Honey Gin gifted // the honey in the images is From Field and Flower – NOT the same honey within this gin.


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