Product Review: Cranes Cranberry Gin

The Product

Summer has suddenly disappeared in what genuinely felt like a quick nap and with that, we were suddenly thrown into ghastly winds and a very wet start to Autumn… But what does Autumn mean? Snuggly socks, cosy nights in and glasses of Autumnal G&T and what better way to kick start the Autumn off than by sipping on a delicious Cranes Cranberry Gin?

When Cranes gifted me a bottle of their gin, I was super excited to snuggle down on my sofa and sip a fruity gin I knew I was going to love. I couldn’t have been more correct!

You may recognise the name Cranes from Dragon’s Den where sadly they didn’t manage to sway the Dragon’s but they have managed to sway many of those who love gin, especially the fruity gins out there. Cranes award-winning Cranberry Gin is deliciously smooth and fruity yet perfectly tangy and sharp. It is unique and made from all natural ingredients with no added sugars or any artificial flavours – not to mention GF and vegan friendly.

It has over 50 cranberries in one 70cl bottle creating a blended cranberry and juniper harmony, staying true to the origins of a London Dry Gin but putting on their own playful take. This is a must-try gin.

It’s also a beautifully Independent business which is one of the reasons why I was really excited to try and write up a product review. I’ve tried lots and lots of fruit based gins before but there is something genuinely special about Cranes – it’s sweet and sharp and packed absolutely full to the brim of flavour whereas with some gins, you have to add a lot of theatre to bring out its best. With Cranes, a dash of Sugar Syrup and Fever Tree Tonic is more than enough to let those cranberries shine all by themselves.

The Flavour

It’s fairly easy to simply say this is just like an alcoholic cranberry juice but it is so, so much more than this. I was really curious to try this because I’ve had a lot of  fruity gin and vodka based drinks (rhubarb, being the main one) and I have to say; I have often been rather underwhelmed by the flavours but when trying this one I was hit by an instant woody, tangy juniper followed by the ever-recognisable sweet sharpness of cranberry that dominates and leaves a delicious taste in your mouth.

Whilst I love a cocktail, and love that this gin comes with a little booklet on how to serve Cranes Cranberry Gin, I do love to keep it simple when it comes to the first initial try. For me, sometimes theatre takes away the beauty of a gin and I want to see it at its most natural. I simply added tonic water with the addition of a dash of sugar syrup and a sprig of rosemary.


Cranes Cranberry Gin is wonderfully fresh, contemporary, fruity and natural and is a real stand-out among the other fruit based gins and it saddens me that I’m not seeing this gin on all of the drinks aisles in all of the shops. It’s a gin that holds its own and can be used all year round as both a summer cocktail all the way to a Yuletide celebration with a dash of champagne. It’s got a fabulous design, which is one of the nicest I have seen – a beautifully unpretentious, simple, elegant bottle and yet very Art Deco. It is also remarkably priced at just £32.00, which you can buy yourself here.

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Disclaimer: Cranes Cranberry Gin gifted.


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