Product Review: Marmalade Old Tom Gin

The Product

I am a huge fan of gin and always have been and the last few years have proved so fantastic for gin drinkers everywhere; the ranges, the flavours, the bottle designs – it’s all part and parcel of creating a wonderful experience for the customer.

With Summer out of the way and Autumn just beginning, the flavours of gin will only get more and more wintery and Christmassy so I was really thankful when Pocketful of Stones gifted me a bottle of their absolutely delightful Marmalade Old Tom Gin, to keep those summer vibes going just a little bit longer.

A favourite treat of Anne Boleyn and her ladies in waiting, marmalade has long been a British breakfast tradition. Pocketful of Stones have taken this archetypal flavour of the Seville Orange and distilled it with a gorgeous combination of botanicals, infused with more Seville Orange peel and then to add a slight sweetness to create a citrus-forward, contemporary gin built on the backbone of British tradition.

The Flavour

There are an incredible array of flavours out there at the moment that are so wide ranging it’s hard to choose favourites but orange has always been one of my favourites. The strength of flavour, the combinations you can mix with and the boldness have always made orange flavoured gin a go to of mine.

It’s even better when something that has been advertised is exactly what you get on the bottle; marmalade. I remember as a child my Nan would make a fry-up followed by tea, toast and jam – the table favourite was marmalade (with pieces in).

I always remember eating toast coated with butter and marmalade and the warmth of flavours it provided so having a marmalade gin brings me nothing but happy memories.

What Can You Do With It?

In the photos above I wanted to keep it simple so I could taste the natural flavours of the orange without using a tonic that might take those delicate flavours away so I used Fentiman’s Orange Tonic (one of my favourites) which is made with deliciously sweet Valencian oranges and infused with Lemongrass.

This tonic is the perfect mixer for a good Old Tom, especially one that’s orange flavoured. It is a perfectly rounded tonic that’s refreshing and pairs perfectly with citrus based gins. I then mix with some dried orange and lemon peel.


Pocketful of Stones have created a lovely gin here, it takes on the traditional style of Gin ‘Old Tom’ and gives it this delightfully sweeter, Seville Orange marmalade flavour version that tastes delicious. Marmalade Old Tom is a wonderful summer/autumn gin that has a gorgeous design and would make a wonderful Christmas gift.


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Disclaimer: Marmalade Old Tom Gin gifted to me by Pocketful of Stones


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