Review: The Duck

An Incredible Dining Experience

The Duck

The Location

One of my favourite things to do on a weekend is go for a drive and discover somewhere yummy to eat. A good few months back I drove past The Duck and pulled in thinking what a lovely building this was, I went to get a table but it was jam packed full of happy faces and unfortunately on that occasion, we were unable to get a table. Fast forward a couple of months later, I decided to try my luck again and this time, was able to book a table.

The Duck, situated in the lovely Pett Bottom, is originally two farm cottages that were built in the early 17th century. A lovely little fact is that of The Duck’s association with Ian Fleming, creator of James Bond and where it is claimed he wrote “You Only Live Twice“. Pett Bottom became the fictional home to the young James Bond when he stayed with his aunt as a child and when in “You Only Live Twice” James Bond apparently dies, his boss ‘M’ writes an obituary for The Times in which he mentions The Duck Inn at Pett Bottom.

The Duck is a wonderful pub and restaurant – cosy, welcoming and warm. Absolutely perfect for a rainy day. The minute you walk in you’ll be faced with a bar and a generous selection of ales and gin and if you’re lucky, you’ll be fronted by a delicious home made bread ready to be cut and served to you whilst you wait.

The Starter

When something is so perfect, it’s honestly hard to write anything else. This Gin Cured Salmon, Horseradish Crème Fraiche, Radish and a delicate helping of Watercress melted away in my mouth like air, I have eaten a lot of salmon dishes in my time and have thoroughly enjoyed some, forgotten others but there is not a chance I’d ever forget this delicious piece of cooking. Subtle, refreshing and packed to the brim full of flavour. Considering this was part of a 3 course meal, this is one of the prettiest looking starters I have seen and enjoyed in a long time.

The Main

I have been to many restaurants and had pasta dishes and more often than not they have been lacking in depth and flavour. However, the minute this mushroom pappardelle came out, drizzled with the stunning flavours of rich truffle and pine nuts I was absolutely delighted. I have never had a pasta dish so incredibly creamy and generous in portion size and fully authentic in flavour. It can be difficult to get the consistency just right with creamy mushroom sauce as you want to make sure it is reduced enough so it clings generously to the pasta but not too much that you lose the sauce. This dish is easily one of the best ones I have had in a long, long while and I can guarantee that if you have this dish you will be smiling for days.

The Dessert

Three course dinners are a perfect choice, especially when you have a sweet tooth. It was difficult though having just eaten one of the richest yet scrubbiest pasta dishes but there is always room for pudding, no? Well if you are like me, then you’ll want to try this fudgey, heavenly, chocolate cake then won’t you? I absolutely adore the rich, deep flavours that a chocolate ganache style cake brings – creamy like a cheesecake but still has that cake texture that hits so many spots but when added with fresh raspberries that cut through the sweetness, you know you’re on to a bit of a winner. Delicious.


You know that dreamy image of a roaring fire, wet Sunday afternoons and the smell of delicious food seeping through the restaurant in a building that has been around for many years – The Duck champions that. It mixes a wonderful pub setting with a stunning restaurant with passionate staff that deliver every single time. They have a top notch gin menu, a wonderfully 3 course Sunday Set Menu for just £26.50 in an absolutely delightful setting. The Duck is absolutely the place to go, especially if you want top quality food in a beautiful part of Kent.


Pett Bottom Rd, Canterbury CT4 5PB



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