Product Review: Pasta Evangelists

The Product

I am a huge fan of anything pasta related and I have known about Pasta Evangelists for a little while now (remember Dragon’s Den?!) Well, as a huge pasta fan anyway, I was really keen to try out some of their products so when Pasta Evangelists sent me some to try I was super excited.

Pasta Evangelists want to highlight what can be done with pasta – they want to highlight the craftsmanship that goes into it, the artisanal tradition and of course, introducing people to some of the yummiest dishes from Italy.

What Did I Have?

I was really excited when my dishes arrived – I had been sent the Prawn and Crayfish Ravioli with Samphire and a Lemon, Caper and Parsley Butter alongside Orecchiette with Supergreen Pesto & Parmesan Crisp.

Inside the box of goodies, you also receive your menu choice with a background on the dish alongside the recipe which is super helpful and a really lovely touch. I have never cooked with Orecchiette before so I felt like I was not only learning about a new product.

For example, did you know that Orecchiette means ‘little ears’ in Italian and it only uses flour and water so you get a firm bite with a soft interior? I didn’t either! So you’re learning about a new product as well as trying a fresh ingredient that you might not have been able to try from any other shop.

For me though, my favourite was the Prawn and Crayfish Ravioli with Samphire and a Lemon, Caper and Parsley Butter. We all know that prawns and seafood is a huge part of Italian culture, especially as prawns are native to the Mediterranean Sea making them so easily accessible. The flavours of Samphire alongside the delicate lemon, capers and parsley butter bring this dish to life, it’s elegant, amplified and full of flavour.

All the ingredients are sent pre-packaged but completely fresh so all you have to do is follow the method and Buon Appetito!

How it works

Some subscribing websites can take up far much time than you want but Pasta Evangelists run a simple system whereby you choose the dishes you want, your preferred delivery date, how often you want it delivered and there is an option for this to be cancelled, skipped or amended at any time. They also offer a vegetarian pasta subscription from £13.90 a week, a variety subscription from £15.90 a week and a gourmet pasta subscription from £17.90 a week.

All with free delivery. All of the pasta, sauce and garnishes you receive is fresh and are shipped in insulated packaging alongside chilled ice packs. Not home? No problem: your food will stay be fresh until you’re back.

I was out all day when my package arrived, when I got home, the ice packs were still frozen and all of my delicious ingredients were still fresh.


Although it is absolutely delicious, if you have a family of four then this could become very pricey very quickly but if you are looking for something ‘every now and then’ then it’s absolutely more than reasonable.

There is a fair bit of plastic involved in their packaging, especially their pasta, sauces and garnishes so perhaps having some kind of alternative would be even more enticing to an already delightful food subscription.

Overall, Pasta Evangelists get it so very right. Their food is elegant, tasty and educational and they put a great deal of care into the products they create. I am so pleased that Pasta Evangelists exists – I love pasta and even more so when it is fresh and delivered straight to your door.


Disclaimer: Product was gifted by Pasta Evangelists for a honest product review.


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