Review: Boutary

Sophisticated, Sublime and Completely Relaxing


The Location

Saint-Germain-des-Prés, a part of Paris glittering with antique stores, tiny art galleries, boutique fashion houses and wonderful restaurants – it’s the perfect place to wile away a sunny afternoon and what better way than to start your Parisian journey than by dining in an ambient restaurant surrounded by all of the above?

The wonderful thing about Paris is you don’t know what you’re going to find on each corner. Rue Mazarine, a delightful little street that’s situated among some of the most delightful little art galleries in Paris such as Galerie Leila Mordoch or Galerie Lara Vincy and popular Ramen restaurant’s such as Kodawari Ramen – there is always something to keep you occupied.

Sitting proudly on Rue Mazarine sits Boutary a refreshingly laid-back looking restaurant, simple decoration on the outside but bold and characteristic on the inside. Boutary is the home to caviar, and whilst I didn’t have any caviar on this occasion, the idea surrounding the use of caviar here is to give caviar a younger and slightly more relaxed image, which it absolutely does.

The inside of the restaurant though is a treat in itself; designed by artist Ann Grim, the end part of the restaurant has stunning fragmented orange and gold walls with lightning bolt rays of light piercing through the cracks.

Ultimately, there are two extremes: relaxation and refinement, classic inspirations and ultra-modern touches — a convivial moment to share with friends to enjoy high-end gastronomic cuisine.

The Food

Now this is where it gets very appealing. Boutary make it their mission to abolish privileges – by basically reinventing the “castle life” by offering an extraordinary and modern gastronomic experience to everyone and sitting at the helm of the stove and in charge of this is Jay Wook Hur, a Japanese-Korean chef, who sublimates his sense of detail and sophistication with some of the most delicious seasonal products.

There are a lot of options on the menu at Boutary but for those who want the elegance of a fine dining experience that isn’t served with Michelin restaurant prices then the answer is lunch set menu deals and Paris smashes these – especially Boutary.

For just €39 you can enjoy a spectacular 3 course lunch (starer, main and a dessert) and if you have any preferences then let Boutary take care of you. As I am a pescatarian, it is always good to let a restaurant know before going somewhere to dine so there are no shocks on the day – especially if travelling abroad. Boutary were more than happy to assist me here, they asked me if I would like to try the haddock served with a bed of delicious sprouts – who was I to decline?

Each course is designed to perfection. Armed with some of the most stunning of ingredients, Jay Wook Hur creates such delicious recipes that stun with colour and are full to the brim of creativity and ideas.


If you are thinking of visiting during the week (Tuesday to Friday) then you absolutely must take advantage of this €39 deal. However, if you like caviar and want to learn a little bit more about caviar then this is absolutely the place for you.

I have been to a lot of restaurants and there are only two that have had the most fantastic service I have ever experienced, the first one is Eden in Banff, Canada and the second is Boutary. Our server, Frederic, went so far above my expectations that I found myself talking about his fantastic customer service skills long after we left. I asked him if he could provide us with any helpful Parisian tips to help enhance our break in Paris and he wrote up a superb list of hidden treasures for us to do. He was extremely friendly, personable and without a doubt massively influenced our time at Boutary.

The only comment I have to make which is more of a preference unless anyone else has mentioned it previously and it’s the utensils. We both found them very long and narrow and because of that, found them slightly hard to eat with but other than that, it is an extremely affordable restaurant that goes above and beyond for their customers.



Boutary, 25 Rue Mazarine, 75006 Paris ( 

Open for lunch and dinner everyday except Sundays and Mondays.




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