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The Product

There’s only weeks to go until Christmas. The lights are on in houses, trees are decorated and people (as always) are rushing through their town’s desperately bagging the latest bargains but there is a hidden gem out there that isn’t as well known as it should be. Kent Dark Chocolate. I have just spent the last few days gorging on quite simply, some of the most delicious chocolate I have ever tasted.

There are a lot of luxury dark chocolate brands out there and I’ve certainly tasted a fair few but many companies buy in ready made chocolate, but their chocolate is manufactured in Kent, and the purity of its ingredients and its incredible taste and aroma is all down to our expertise in making chocolate.

Kent Dark Chocolate carefully source their ingredients; the selected cocoa beans are both Organic and Fair trade and if that wasn’t enough, they have a prominent local focus and global vision which is to support Kent based charities and create jobs whilst promoting Kent worldwide.

If you are looking for an absolutely stunning treat for yourself or for someone else then Kent Dark Chocolate is the one for you. Pure indulgence.

Click here to see what amazing charities Kent Dark Chocolate support.

175g Softly Dark Chocolate Drops (53% cocoa)

Let’s start with the richest, sweetened softly dark chocolate drops you will probably ever have. I am regularly using dark chocolate drops in my cooking and can often struggle to find high quality shop bought chocolate drops that aren’t full of processed ingredients.

This Kent Dark Chocolate made drops are rich, sophisticated, Organic and Fair trade chocolate and according to Kent Dark Chocolate, their most popular and desirable luxury chocolate to delight everyone on every occasion.

Buy yours here. Price: £6.15

125g Softly Dark Chocolate Flakes (53% cocoa)

I am obsessed with hot chocolate so trying this oh so beautiful, creamy, sweetened softly dark chocolate made into tantalisingly easy to use dark hot chocolate was pretty much to die for. Chocolate flakes is the essential ingredient to make a smooth rich sweeter dark hot chocolate drink, or for use in decorating cakes (or sprinkling on those delicious hot chocs) and being Organic and Fair Trade, what isn’t to love?

Buy yours here. £6.15

275g Dark Chocolate Spread (72% cocoa)

I’ve had so many jars of chocolate spread but this one wins the award for best dark chocolate. Utterly melt in the mouth and the perfect topping on pretty much anything. The purity of the cocoa and the simple ingredients means you don’t get that processed flavour that is all too common in your standard chocolate spread. With 72% cocoa, your chocolate spread dreams have definitely come true. I put these on my handmade pancakes and died and went to heaven.

Buy it here. Price: £5.95

100g Extra Dark Chocolate Bar (87% cocoa)

How many times have you popped into a shop and bought a chocolate bar snack? The thought of one is obviously the perfect thought, but often the taste of mass-produced chocolate is suddenly super underwhelming. This extra dark chocolate sets your taste buds into overdrive. Honestly indulging in 87% cocoa that melts perfectly in the mouth with absolutely no bitterness whatsoever is heaven on earth. Produced in Kent, this Organic and Fairtrade chocolate is heaven for chocolate aficionados and everyone that has passion for the full cocoa punch.

Buy yours here. Price: £4.95

Fancy trying before buying something larger? Check out the smaller (40g) one here: Price: £1.95

100g Dark Chocolate Bar (72% cocoa)

Now, I had the 87% extra dark chocolate bar before indulging in the 72% dark chocolate bar and whilst this is gorgeous, it is amazing how much 15% more cocoa can add. The cocoa is so imperative to such a deep, dark flavour that it is noticeable when the cocoa isn’t as much but this bar is still an absolute delight.

Buy yours here. Price: £4.95

Fancy trying before buying something larger? Check out the smaller (40g) one here: Price: £1.95



The Perfect Christmas Present

Whilst all of the above is brilliant, their mixed pack screams value for money at £63.35. If you want to experience chocolate in one of the most unique and delightful ways, then this is the perfect choice for you or the perfect gift to give someone you really love.  It’s also perfect for any cooks out there who love cooking with chocolate. Their mixed pack contains:

3 Extra Dark 100g bars/87% cocoa
3 Dark 100g bars/ 72% cocoa
4 Extra Dark 40g bars/ 87% cocoa
4 Dark 40g bars/ 72% cocoa
1 pouch of Dark Flakes 175g/ 72% cocoa
2 jars of Chocolate Spread 275g/ 72% cocoa

The products above are absolutely fantastic for the amount of delicious products you will receive. Get your wonderful Christmas present here.

Disclaimer: All Kent Dark Chocolate products gifted


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