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Open Plan, Homely and Full of Charm


The Location

Canterbury is one of the loveliest Cities in the UK but due to such extortionate rent, some businesses have had to close their doors but to some, it is an opportunity for new life to begin and this life is Chapter in Canterbury. Chapter is centrally located on Burgate and is a wonderful space.

Although there is limited outdoor seating, Chapter couldn’t deliver more on their interior space and style. The moment you walk in you are confronted by a huge pizza & wood-fired oven which is proudly on display showing complete transparency. There are cosy tables by the window for a catch-up with a friend or a lovely little date night with a loved one, booth options for small groups or families and larger spaces for those all important lunch/dinner parties.

The Food

Chapter’s pizzas are not only popular with the residents and visitors of Canterbury but it is so popular that it has been included in Lonely Planet for 2019/2020. Their pizzas are lovingly topped with the finest Italian ingredients to compliment their crispy yet soft in the middle sour dough crust, before being fired right before your eyes. I mean, what more could you possibly want? Well, how about a Christmas Menu?

I love a Christmas menu, it doesn’t just get you in the mood for Christmas but it gives you the opportunity to try something new knowing that you’re going to be looked after by the pro’s behind the pizza oven.

The Starter

Now I’ve mentioned a fair few times in my blog that if there is Calamari on the menu then I just have to try it and I am so glad I did. Calamari is so easy to over cook making it rubbery, bland and chewy but at Chapter it falls apart in your mouth. A combination of the fresh calamari and the aioli and lemon makes this the perfect starter to get stuck into.

Kate had the utterly delicious spinach arancini and arrabbiata sauce and this is an absolute must try. Generous portions, a fantastic flavour and the arrabbiata sauce has a warming depth that really brings out the flavours of the tender yet slightly sweet spinach.

The Pizzas

So, like I said above. I love a Christmas menu so when I saw ‘Brussel Sprouts’ on their new menu, I may have raised an eyebrow (a tad, I mean, who wouldn’t?) Couldn’t have been more pleasantly surprised. From now on, Brussel Sprouts should always be on pizza and when you add in pine nuts – you’re on to a winner. The flavour combinations are fantastic.

This bad boy is the Verde Inverno. A delicious pizza covered in brussel sprouts, caramelised onion, garlic, pine nuts,tomato and a generous helping of Fior di latte. If you’re looking for sweet yet savoury nodes then this is the pizza for you.

My friend had to try the other Christmas option which was the Natale. Salsicia shredded turkey, fried sage, pomegranate, Fior di latte and tomato. Now I very rarely talk about meat on this blog since I don’t eat it but Kate said it was utterly delicious. The shredded turkey was moist, the sage gave it that ‘stuffing’ like flavour and the pomegranate made it refreshing – an interesting take on the classic ‘Christmas Dinner’.

The Dessert

No meal is complete without a delicious dessert. The menu that Chapter offers is superb with such a variation, you will be hard to find something you don’t like. So when I saw their hot chocolate pudding with salted caramel ice cream I had to give it a go.

It is basically home comfort in a pot. Creamy hot melty chocolate with the sharpness of salted caramel ice cream is a hand-in-hand combination. Fondants and chocolate puddings in general are always a popular choice but they can so easily be ruined by over cooking.

I can’t tell you how disappointing it can be to cut through what you think is a melt in the middle pudding to be confronted with sponge. It’s gutting so thankfully, these guys know how to get it right.


Now, how could anyone get away without mentioning their brunch? If someone in Canterbury says to a friend “where shall we go for brunch”? If they don’t respond with “Chapter” then you know something is wrong. Chapter runs an incredibly popular Bottomless Brunch every Saturday from 11am to 4pm.

You can choose two courses for £29 or three courses for £34 and drink delicious Prosecco or Bellinnis for a full two hours before you leave wobbly, happy and full of deliciousness.

Not only that but you don’t have to indulge in brunch staples such as Eggs Benedict. If you want pizza then pizza you shall have.


It isn’t any wonder why Chapter is as popular as it is. Fabulous service made even better by people who love what they do. Smiles all round and even a fair few jokes to go around. Relaxed, there’s laughter and everyone leaves happy. The prices at Chapter are very reasonable considering their portion sizes but they have so many dining deals that it’s hard not to get more than just a pizza.

The space is wonderful and perfect for events, small gatherings, families and parties. Chapter is in a prime location and is one of the most popular places in Canterbury. With nothing bad to say whatsoever, what are you waiting for?!




Chapter Sourdough Pizzeria & Bar, 11-12 Burgate, Canterbury, CT1 2HG

Tel: 01227  809 198 //


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