Review: Earls of Jasper

Incredible Views in the Heart of Jasper

Earls of Jasper


The Location

In the heart of Jasper surrounded by glorious mountains sits Earls. As a resident from the UK, I am well aware of a UK based Earls and although I am sure that Earls in the UK is just as lovely, does it compare to the views that Jasper has surrounding the restaurant? Possibly not. Earls of Jasper is in such a fabulous location. There’s ample parking, it’s in walking distance from all of the local hotels in the area and close by to all of the local shops in downtown Jasper.

The best thing about it though is the patio with a 180-degree view of the Canadian Rockies that customers are welcome to enjoy.

Mark enjoying the views at Earls of Jasper in Canada.

Earls of Jasper in Canada

The Food

delicious warm spinach + three cheese dip filled to the brim with creamy garlic, artichokes, chives and a pile of yummy toasted flatbread drizzled with olive oil to dip in to

For my main I had the wonderful (and I seriously mean this) blackened swordfish tacos and fresh salad. Two flour tortillas with melted white cheddar, roasted jalapeño crema, pico de gallo and a hearty handful of fresh cilantro sprinkled on top and served with garlic fries (yum).
I absolutely adore swordfish, It’s a firm, succulent and meaty fish whose texture can be compared to that of tuna and it is always best served char-grilled.  One of the best things about using swordfish within a taco is that it stands up so well to strong flavours including chilli, ginger, soy, sesame and garlic and with added cilantro, you have the perfect combination.

Swordfish tacos served with a delicious salad and garlic fries at the Earls of Jasper in Canada.

Swordfish tacos served with a delicious salad and garlic fries at the Earls of Jasper in Canada.

No dinner is complete without a dessert. Their choices are interesting and varied so I chose the sticky toffee chocolate pudding. The combination of warm chocolate and toffee sauces, with vanilla ice cream in a yummy ginger candy snap bowl sounds as delicious as it tastes.

Cake is always such a risk in a restaurant because you never know if it will be dry, moist, too stodgy, under-baked etc. Cake isn’t really what most people would choose following a big carby dinner but the toffee sauce with this cake blew my mind.

There was a deep ginger and dark maple syrup flavour to it that set my taste buds alight. Perfectly baked cake that melted in the mouth and the added crunch of the delightful ginger snap bowl rounded up the entirety of the experience. Making it particularly memorable.

Chocolate and Toffee pudding served at the Earls of Jasper in the heart of Jasper, Canada.


The menu in Earls is constructed and inspired by the world around us. The choices of food are vary depending on the area you visit. From chefs in London, to farmers in local regions. This is how they manage to offer such a lovely world-inspired menu.

The location is perfect. There aren’t many places in the world that allow people to sit outside with a panoramic view of the mountains as you sip your G&T.

The menu’s are well-priced and fair and the service is brilliant. Although it a busy restaurant, it is clear to see that the staff here are well trained in dealing with tourists and busy schedules.

In all honesty though, even coming here just for a simple drink to take in these views is well worth it and will certainly make your day.

Earls of Jasper in the heart of Jasper, Canada.

600 Patricia St. – 2nd Floor , Jasper AB
Get directions via Google maps
tel.   (780) 852-2393    fax.   (780) 852-3868

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