Review: 81 Beach Street

Charming Little Beach Hut Feel With Very Reasonable Prices

81 Beach Street


The Location

I love Kent food and as a Canterbury resident, supporting local businesses is very important to me so when I was invited to try out 81 Beach Street in Deal I was super excited. Deal is a fabulous little place that is definitely underrated.

Deal is a pretty little town in Kent, England which is in the middle of Dover and Ramsgate and is a former fishing, mining and garrison tow and full of little independent shops, cafes and bars and has a lovely photogenic seafront – the perfect day out!

Alongside these independent shops, cafes and bars are a few independent little restaurants and one of them is the fabulous little restaurant here. 81 Beach Street is the perfect little place to visit, it’s right on the beach front with easy parking options and right in the middle of the hustle and bustle.

The inside of the restaurant is very cute, simple and attractive and feels like a lovely little beach hut overlooking the sea with a mix of bold and vibrant colours thrown in. The space is fairly reasonable in size with an added entertainment room upstairs which has fantastic views of the sea – absolutely perfect for an event or dinner party.


The Food

The menus at 81 Beach Street are wonderful. Incredibly well-priced (their lunch deal in particular which is jaw-droppingly fabulous in value) as well as their non-boring choices of Vegan food. 81 Beach Street have clearly put in a lot of effort into their menu choices and it shows.

The only small noticeable problem was sometimes the ‘V’ sign didn’t appear on clearly vegetarian options, for example their Lunch Set Menu didn’t state a ‘V’ sign on one of the desserts but when mentioned to the lovely Phoebe who was our server, she was very thankful for this information and said she would endeavour to get this changed.

The menus here at 81 Beach Street offer a hugely diverse, high quality and delicious range of foods with regularly changing specials and it’s clear upon eating here that the chefs in the kitchen know exactly what they are doing, what combinations work and and creating attractive and creative plates so that the food you’re eating really does look as good as they taste (and I can certainly confirm that they do).

The Starter

To start we had a range of delicious breads, olives and the best herb oil I have ever had which I found out was made using the off cuts of herbs from the kitchen, utterly delicious. The bread, although not baked in store is made by a local bakery in Ramsgate using their own delicious recipe.

I’m a huge advocate for using local business trades and knowing that one restaurant is working with another local business is always a big winner in my book. It keeps businesses going, it opens doors and can often bring in new customers so what is not to like?!

I decided to try out their lovely Set Lunch Menu but because (as I mention so often in my blog) if calamari is on the menu, I’m going to get it, I mean, I couldn’t not have calamari could I?! So instead, my boyfriend Mark had the starter from the Set Lunch Menu (Mezze Platter) whilst I chose the calamari. The calamari was super yum –  salty, full of spice and coated in a very tasty breadcrumb (not the standard boring stuff you can sometimes get). The squid was well cooked, well seasoned and served with my favourite – sriracha mayonnaise which was the perfect combination.

Mark’s mezze (although included Parma ham and salami Milano so I couldn’t have any) looked lovely, the plate was big, full of a variety of combinations and more of that delicious bread and oil served with an olive tapenade (which was gorgeous).

Main Dish

For my main dish, I chose the grilled cod fillet on a bed of crushed potatoes and salsa verde and when it arrived I was in pure heaven. I love cod but so often it can be over cooked and under seasoned but not today. The cod flaked at the touch, was seasoned naturally with with the capers and melted in the mouth with the crushed potatoes which gave it a bit of a crunch.

The only comment I have regarding this, was on the Set Lunch Menu you can order sides, so I ordered a side of courgette ribbons with a basil butter (yum) but when the main course arrived, it was already served with courgette ribbons so I ended up not eating the side dish. I did mention this to again, our lovely server Phoebe who took my comments on board happily.

Mark chose the grilled sea bass fillet, gratin potato and rich crab bisque which was absolutely gorgeous. Sea bass is one of my favourite fish dishes and this was stunning. The skin was crispy and the fish flaky and buttery in flavour and gluten free. The crab bisque was possibly a little thicker and flakier than I would usually like as I prefer my bisque’s smoother, but still full in flavour with added texture of the garden peas. Oh and the presentation was out of this world!


For our dessert, I had the wonderful (and I mean this when I say it) the best raspberry mousse I have ever had, served with a creamy honeycomb ice cream and gorgeous pieces of gingery crunchy honeycomb with fresh raspberries on the side and I was firmly in heaven. The mousse was creamy and melt-in-the-mouth and went perfectly with the hard crispy honeycomb. This perfect pud is the perfect end to a lovely summer’s day lunch!


This little place by the sea is extremely well priced for what can only be described as proper fine dining high quality food. The quality of the food cooked by Head Chef Mark with other Chefs Phil and John is incredible, smart and full of flavour and their presentation is astonishingly impressive. The service is impeccable by Phoebe and Mia who you can see, take great pride in making sure their customers are happy and enjoying their food and this is all overseen by their Manager who really puts a lot of effort in with the staff and the customers, which is great to see.

Albeit slightly small issues with the menu and the signage, everything else was top notch quality. I don’t often go to Deal but there isn’t a doubt in my mind that I will be returning to this excellent little eatery. If you’re looking for the best quality food you can buy whilst on a budget, then take a lovely stroll across Deal beach and end up here at 81 Beach Street for what I can promise you, will be a wonderful experience.


81 Beach Street, Deal CT14 6JB



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