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The Biggest Spoons

Wetherspoons – Royal Victoria Pavilion


The Location

Being a Kent resident, I am a bit annoyed at myself for only visiting the Royal Victoria Pavilion once (I will make sure there are more visits) but what a difference it is. Wetherspoon’s is the biggest UK pub and although it’s proposal divided opinions, I have to say – I was super impressed. It cost a massive £4.5m to refurb the Grade II Listed building to create a huge, huge, HUGE pub.

It’s in a great location that overlooks the sea and it occupies two-thirds of the pavilion’s 20,000 sq ft (1,858 sq m) interior. It can seat up to 800 people but has a capacity of around 1,400 and also enjoys a super sized sun terrace. It’s a pretty amazing sight and incorporates artwork on the walls to capture the history of the building as well as lots of work by local artists. It’s actually quite remarkable.

The Food

The food is, well, Wetherspoon’s. It’s grub you know about, it’s constantly varied and reliable but it will always have the Wetherspoon ‘typecast’ approach. No matter how much money can be spent on the refurbishment of the building, it will always remain a trusty Wetherspoons and that’s not really a bad thing. A lot of independent pubs (although awful to see close), they can sometimes be too expensive whereas everyone knows that a Wetherspoon’s is reliable, well priced and enjoyable.

So, there is one new thing about this particular Wetherspoon’s and that’s the pizza oven. I love a good pizza, especially a handmade pizza and I was very much impressed by the dough, the ingredients and the level of flavour. It’s cheap, you can add whatever ingredients you want and you know you’re going to get decent portion when it arrives.


It’s a lovely location and since it was super sunny outside, we sat on the terrace which was ridiculously huge but that was in fact, the downside to the experience. Although we ordered our food (using the app) where you include the table number our order didn’t take, so we had to pay again downstairs (which took a good few minutes to reach). It then turned out that our order did in fact take on the app, it was just slow – so we ended up paying twice.

When the order finally went through successfully, we ended up waiting a good while for our food and when it did arrive, it didn’t land on our table for a good few minutes as the Waitress was desperately trying to find our table (because the terrace is SO big). We called her over and she was overjoyed to dump our plates down on the table to save her arms from anymore carrying!


Royal Victoria Pavilion
Harbour Parade
CT11 8LS


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