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Eden in Banff


The Location


When I was booking the holiday to Canada I had one thought in mind – book Eden. I’ve heard incredible things about this little gem that I had to find out for myself and boy was I blown away. Eden is based in the Rimrock Resort Hotel surrounded by incredible mountain views which take you away as you pour over their delectable menu choices.

I have to say, the restaurant itself is just simply beautiful, from the napkins and tablecloth to the decorative plates and cutlery – it’s these little touches that scream ‘welcome’ at the softest most welcoming voice.

Eden specialises in perfectly crafted French Cuisine headed by Chad Greaves Maitre d’Hotel and Sommelier and is renowned for using fresh local ingredients.  Eden has received honours sinse 2003 for its incredible food and service and now enjoys a well-deserved AAA/CAA 5-Diamond and “Best of Award of Excellence” Wine Spectator awards.

The menu is astonishing and incredibly varied, from a 6-course Chef’s Tasting Menu, and a 3 and 4-course Table D’hote menu to a wonderful  10-course Grand Degustation menu designed to offer the ultimate in dining experiences.

I was thrilled when I contacted Eden and they were more than happy to assist me with a Tasting Menu designed for me because I am Pescatarian. This made my day. The menu was diverse, imaginative and perfected the dishes to my taste, removing items that contained gelatin and always going above and beyond to replace items or re-design them for me especially.

The Food

You can’t not come to a restaurant like Eden and not get the Tasting Menu. As mentioned above – Eden went above and beyond to assist me in making my stay at Eden perfect and that they did. To start I had the Tempura Oyster with Black Caviar, Caramelised White Chocolate and Champagne which was simple, delicious and had multiple beautiful flavours that worked so well – who knew that caviar and white chocolate could work so well together?

I then had the lobster which was just perfection on a plate. Lobster can be so hard to get right and it can often be overdone or a bit ‘muddy’ in flavour but this was sweet, rich and delicious. The pineapple and asparagus worked so well giving it a sweet and savoury taste that hit all the right spots.

We were treated in between each meal with a selection of lovely amuse bouche and whilst they were all delicious, my favourite was the beautiful handmade bread. The taste of warm smokey bread and delicious hand crafted butter was to die for. When our lovely server asked if we would like more it was unbelievably tempting to say ‘GOD PLEASE’ but we didn’t want to fill ourselves up too much. Can I get the recipe though?!

On to the main part of course Tasting Menu. As I am Pescatarian, I didn’t have the Lamb Belly, instead I was treated to the Tofu served with Zucchini, Farro Gratin and with a gorgeous hint of Vanilla. Tofu can be notoriously boring and it can be hard to dress up as anything remotely delicious but I wasn’t fazed because I knew it was going to have such talented hands making it taste wonderful so I was looking forward to finally having Tofu that tasted fab and it ended up being one of the best dishes of the night. The flavours were extraordinary and had a smokey and sweet taste that took my senses to different places. I have been reminded that not all Tofu is boring!

Next up – Sturgeon with Tomato, Squash and Vodka. This blew my mind and is one of the best fish dishes I have ever had. For me, sometimes tomato and fish doesn’t really work but this was incredible. The tomato was so sweet but mixed with the vodka took it to another edge – the flavour combination worked so well with the delicious flaky fish. Such a treat.

We then moved on to a yummy little plate of cheddar. It’s so difficult to dress cheese up as pretty but they did a great job. It was sharp, tangy and worked as a bit of a cleanser in a way. Most of the dishes were on the ‘sweet’ side so having something a tad salty and sharp really alleviated the whole dinner to another level.

Then we had dessert. By now, I’m feeling a bit full but there’s always room for dessert, right? This was out of this world good. Salted Chocolate with Blueberry, Pistachio and Coffee – easily one of the best flavour combinations I’ve ever had the pleasure to experience. The blueberry took the salted chocolate to a whole another level and simply tasted wonderful.


Restaurants are a big thing in my life but so is the service. The food could be the best I’ve ever had but if the service doesn’t match then it’s a big let down but Eden went above and beyond. We were treated to impeccable service from the moment we arrived to the moment we left. We were given a tour of their beautiful wine cellar and then given a lovely little gift bag with two delicious jam sponge cakes as a little thank you. I couldn’t recommend Eden enough and would travel back to Banff just to go to this restaurant again.


The Rimrock Resort Hotel

300 Mountain Ave, Banff, AB T1L 1J2, Canada



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