Review: Five Sails

Stunning Sweeping Harbour Views

Five Sails in Vancouver


The Location


The Five Sails is an experience in itself. With a culmination of incredible views of Vancouver mixed with gorgeous West Coast cuisine and wonderful hospitality – you have yourself an award-winning luxurious combination.

The restaurant is chic, modern and yet completely relaxed within a beautiful setting, it’s hard to not be tantalised by the Five Sails. When searching for a restaurant on my trip to Canada, I was greeted by wonderful reviews of the Five Sails and beautiful images of delightful looking food so decided to book a dinner with window views as the sun set. It was our second night in Canada and it was the perfect place to start an unforgettable holiday.

The Food

So after a superb day of visiting Grouse Mountain, my boyfriend and I were super excited about getting dolled up for dinner at Five Sails. It’s in a lovely location and situated within the stunning Pan Pacific Hotel. We were greeted by wonderful staff who sat us in a gorgeous spot facing the sweeping views of Vancouver and assisted us with the menu, detailing every little detail and even assisting with small dietary aspects for me (pescatarian only, no meat).

It’s very hard to choose starters at restaurants that have such a wonderful array of fish dishes but I chose the trio of warm and chilled seafood and I wasn’t disappointed. I enjoyed a wild jumbo shrimp tempura with a passionfruit purée and rice flakes, a dungeness crab with layers of sliced mango and an ahi tuna tartare with a crispy wonton, avocado and ginger infused sesame oil dressing. The starter was incredibly well made and fresh to taste with many delightful flavours. My only comment would be it might be slightly too sweet and fruity for a lot of people with the passionfruit and mango but for me, it took my taste buds on a summery journey of their own.

For main, I couldn’t not have the lobster. One of the best experiences I have had eating lobster was in Copenhagen and since then, if lobster is on the menu, I will get it – if only to just help me remember the first time I had it in a vain hope it will taste the same. The Atlantic lobster was coated in a citrus butter and served with par-boiled baby vegetables, golden potato gnocci and a a lobster emulsion. The dish was colourful, presented out of shell (thank you!) and beautifully presented. It was a tasty dish however not as seasoned as I would have liked and I hate the word bland but the lobster itself could have had the flavour enhanced a tad by seasoning.

The dessert, however, was gorgeous, well cooked and presented well. I had the golden warm apple strudel & chilled baked apple confit terrine with calvados cream and a homemade pistachio ice cream. The ice cream was one of the best ice creams I have ever tasted – I asked for the recipe but all I got was a cheeky wink (it must be a secret) but it really was wonderful. It came deconstructed which is always a bit of fun and I (reluctantly) shared it with my boyfriend who didn’t want his own (typical).



The dining is elegant, quiet and peaceful and very personal but the service is above all, fantastic. There is a superb level of ‘can’t do enough’ for you ethos which genuinely put a smile on my face. Canada has a reputation for impeccable service and I have to say, it comes second-to-none and means a great deal to me when I dine out.

The location is wonderful with genuinely stunning views and the food is cooked and delivered well. I would say that the sweet and savoury dishes don’t always go hand-in-hand but this tends to be  down to the palate more than anything and if I could improve anything, it would be a bit more seasoning on the fish dishes but overall, I wouldn’t hesitate in going back again and look forward to re-visiting.


999 Canada Pl #410, Vancouver, BC V6C 3E1, Canada


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