Review: Fox and Hounds

Picturesque Location, Fab Food and a Resident Westie!

Fox and Hounds in Westerham


The Location

Fox and Hounds is a lovely traditional country pub located in a stunning location in Westerham, on Toys Hill, surrounded by National Trust woodland and walks. It’s close by to a couple of very popular attractions such as Chartwell, Emmetts Gardens and Quebec House and is right next to a local trail car park so a perfect end to a lovely walk.

Toys Hill is steeped in history and was one of the places that inspired Octavia Hill to found the National Trust. Her desire was to preserve the area for others to enjoy, and for years upon years – we have done just that! The best thing about having a lovely pub in this particular area is that it is the perfect end to a lovely long walk and there are many options for you to choose from including a 1 – 4 mile circular walk. Perfect. For more information about the walks available to you, please click here. You won’t regret it!

Fox and Hounds in Westerham. Pub on Toys Hill with lovely handmade food.

The Food

So after our long walk we were absolutely craving a nice, ice cold couple of pints of beer and cider and when we saw this little gem on the corner, just past the car park we were parked in for our walk, we couldn’t not go. Aside from the stunning picturesque setting, the Fox and Hounds boasts delicious food that varies with your palate and wonderful service – not to mention a beautiful resident Westie!

Fox and Hounds in Westerham. Pub on Toys Hill with lovely handmade food.

Fox and Hounds in Westerham. Pub on Toys Hill with lovely handmade food.

Fox and Hounds in Westerham. Pub on Toys Hill with lovely handmade food.

We went straight in and I chose the Fish Finger baguette and Mark chose the Ploughmens. When you choose a baguette dish, the thought process is always the same – is it going to look a bit wilted and sad and taste a bit dry and dull or is it going to push the ‘baguette’ boundary and be pretty fabulous? Well, happy to say it was a pretty fabulous baguette. The Fish Fingers weren’t your average pack of ten but more ‘up-market’ with a delicious salad that avoided the ‘decor’ that most plates arrive with and instead filled the plate out with a proper greek-styled salad which was fresh and attractive on the plate. We also shared a couple of portions of the tastiest chips with Stokes ketchup and mayo.

It’s funny but for me, there is a difference between using Heinz and more unique condiments such as Stokes – whenever we get Heinz we don’t really think about it, we just pop it on the plate and dip whatever we have into it but when you have Stokes or something with a bit more ‘oopmth’ you feel like the restaurant has thought hard about it, that they want to add a bit of a rustic feel to their dishes and that they don’t want to just serve the norm and it’s little things like this that make a big difference – plus, it tastes far nicer.

Fox and Hounds in Westerham. Pub on Toys Hill with lovely handmade food. White resident Westie Dog.


The food was fantastic, light, not at all pricey which is nice considering the location and in a lovely, comfortable environment. The pub is family run with lovely people and lovely smiles and this makes a very big difference to your overall experience. Not only that, but the Fox and Hounds comes with a beautiful resident Westie who likes to perch his head on your leg whilst you eat your lunch or sip on your beer and loves a nice pat to the head. All I keep wondering, though, is just how lovely this place will be in the winter with a roaring fire and delicious hot handmade food. We can’t wait to come back!


Fox & Hounds
Toys Hill
TN16 1QG
Tel: 01732 750328


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