First Week in the New House


So it’s been just over an entire week since we moved into the new house and all I can really say is THANK GOD we moved in the previous week as we have had so much snow this past week that there is no way we would’ve been able to have moved. Amazing what a week can do really, isn’t it? One week there’s nothing at all, suddenly the country has stopped and the next everything is back to normal!

The week has been really good though, it’s been relaxed and enjoyable and Mark and I have spent our evenings discussing what we see the house being, we’ve walked around the house little by little and thrown ideas back and forth and it’s been so lovely to come up with ‘looks’ and ideas together. We’ve both waited so long to be in a position like this and now it’s here we’re just so excitable and all over the place. We think we are probably going to do the boiler first as it’s quite old, you have to plan your baths (which is not ideal, let’s be honest) and it takes up an entire room in the bedroom and we want to use that space for an inbuilt wardrobe eventually when we come to do up the bedroom.

Talking about the bedroom… So my week has been spent stripping wallpaper and my first tip is simply, please wear gloves because my hands are in shreds at the moment – dry and fragile (sigh), but I’ve been doing okay. So most of the wallpaper has been stripped from the master bedroom, which is great, however; I decided to tackle the remaining wall which had MDF board wallpapered overed it and at first, I thought it was because they wanted extra insulation or something but NOPE, the previous owners had boarded up a secret inbuilt wardrobe which freaked me the hell out and it was properly boarded up with wood too so….. I was freaked out thinking that there might be a dead body or something behind the doors, but luckily, just a bunch of dead wasps and 40-year-old cobwebs (grim). I did for a moment imagine perhaps Narnia could be behind those doors but nope, just the dead wasps…





It’s a great find though, as we’re going to rip out the boiler in the other cupboard and sort out this hidden inbuilt wardrobe and make two gorgeous inbuilt wardrobes with lovely crisp white french doors – whoop! We’ve kind of decided to go with a light grey carpet in the bedroom and probably the hallway and the rest of the bedrooms as well so I’m currently searching for carpet samples. It’s mad because we’ve taken on such a project but everything costs so much money so it’s trying to work out what room takes precedence before we can really do anything else so I guess that’s what we are trying to work out at the moment. Oh and of course, save save save!!!



That said, it costs nothing to strip wallpaper but blimey is it hard work! I’ve been stripping the downstairs dining room and living room of its wallpaper and it’s just the worst stuff. I don’t yet have a steamer (well, my mum bought me one but it apparently isn’t for walls) soooo I need to invest in one of those as I’ve heard they are wonderful things so until said steamer, I have been spraying the walls with stripper and stripping them to my hearts content. The previous owners really loved their wallpaper… Layers and layers and layers of the stuff and it’s been a right royal pain to get off but I suppose that’s the fun of it, plus it means I get to re-watch all of friends without feeling guilty for the 100th time.

Living room

So far so good… It’s warmer than the last house (by like the difference between living in Russia to living in Spain) and it’s ours and we’re one week in and loving it. Oh and although the bathroom needs a lot of work, it is again, FAR nicer than our previous bathroom that was rotting, mouldy and super damp so this one is like a spa day compared to that and last night, I enjoyed a super relaxing bath before starting the week all over again!


Can’t wait to keep you all updated with how we progress… We have so much to share with you guys!!

If you have any tips/ideas/thoughts – please do share them.


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