We Are Homeowners!

After one heck of a super tough weekend, we are finally in our new home. We woke up super early on Completion Day (Friday 23rd) and potted around the house bored out of our minds as the internet had already been cut off so we decided to head to Kitch in Canterbury for breakfast (new blog post review coming soon for those awesome guys) and took our time wandering around Canterbury.

After what felt like aaaages, we got the call that we had completed (whoop) and that we could go and pick up our keys so obviously we went straight there. When we got the keys, it was mad… I couldn’t believe I was a homeowner. I can’t say it’s properly kicked in yet but after so long, we finally own our own home (absolute madness).

So we headed immediately to our new home (VLOG post coming soon) and in we went…

First Hone

The house is a 1965 build with 70’s retro decor and when I mean retro, I reeeeally mean retro. The house is full of chip-paper,  floral wallpaper, green, blue, brown and all kinds of coloured carpets and old tiles/wooden panels. Along with that, we also had ceilings covered in polystyrene and of course artex ceilings of all kinds of different patterns.  The house is in serious need of renovation which is exactly why we bought it – we wanted to turn a 70’s home into our very own style!

I can’t wait to bring you all on our journey as we make many failures and many positives. We aren’t the best at D.I.Y and neither of us have any experience but we are so excited to learn and progress so if you guys have any tips whatsoever, please do share them!!!

So after entering our property for the first time, we were really overwhelmed but super happy. We have been renting for such a long time and in this current climate, being able to buy your own home is just so difficult so we are extremely lucky to be in a position to be able to buy and see ways in which we can improve our home bit by bit and little by little. Our first job though was polystyrene! Why anyone would ever invent such a shockingly awful decorative panel is beyond me but hey-ho that’s the 70’s for ya.

So below is a little progression of our first day in our first house. As you can see, we have a lot of work to do with the wooden panels and that horrible polystyrene. Luckily, the polystyrene came off on our first day as it’s a fire hazard and just simply shouldn’t be in homes anymore so that came off. The first image is ‘as bought’ and the last image is our stuff (that definitely DOES NOT GO with the decor) but without that horrid polystyrene. It kinda feels like we live in our very own cabin in the woods.

living room progression

After 2 whole days of taking off polystyrene and stripping paper, we started to unpack and finally began to settle down. It’s amazing how many items and possessions you hoard in your lifetime, I have found so many things that I want to keep but know I’ll never use – why is that?

It’s such an exiting feeling being able to do what you want to your own home, usually, you have to call your landlord and complain about a problem that may or may not get fixed but nope – if your radiator isn’t working, you can sort it out yourself and if you want to take down floral wallpaper then you can, whenever you like. It’s such a liberating feeling.

Oh… So, you want to see this floral wallpaper I speak so fondly of? Well, let me show you what will eventually be our Master bedroom. Below is a photo of what it was ‘as bought’ – above, you can see polystyrene panels, floral wallpaper and green carpet (lush) and the last photo is an example of one of the walls being completely stripped. This room needs an awful lot of work, we have hearths underneath the carpet which is a bit annoying as it makes the leveling uneven but I think this is something we can sort out when we come to re-doing the flooring. We are obviously going to rip out the mirrored wardrobes and the plasterboard surrounding it which should give us an added 3/4ft of space which would be nice and the wall on the left has wood paneling which has also been wallpapered so that will be pulled off and skimmed and then plastered – overall though, a fun room to re-decorate!

One of the lovely things about stripping paper is seeing children’s writing underneath the paper on the wall. I think there has only ever been two previous owners and the chap we bought this off had been living here for a good 30-40 years or so so I have a feeling his children were the ones to write on the wall. I did feel a bit bittersweet when taking the wallpaper off as the elderly chap and his family that lived here previous to me would have lovingly put that up so it really is a testament to how time progresses.

Master bedroom progression

We are really lucky that we actually have two entrances into the house, one via the main entrance and into the house hallway and the other through the utility room which then leads through into the kitchen although that room is ridiculously cold so we will be leaving that room for a little while. It’s a fairly new(ish) build and far more modern than any other room so that room can wait. Below though, is our hallway. You can see it is super spacey with a lot of room. On the right you can see more wooden panels (lovely, hmm?), but this has boarded up the entrance into the living room so at the moment the only way into the living room is through the kitchen which isn’t ideal so when we come to doing the living room, we are going to put back in the door which will make it far nicer.

You can see that the walls are coated in that vile chip paper which is awful to get rid of (I understand that years and years ago it was ‘in’ but as with a lot of fashion and decor… Wood chip will NEVER be in again). My mum bought us a steamer as a house warming present which was lovely of her as that’s kinda all you need really to strip the paper – well, that and hard graft and patience!


The kitchen however, needs work! It’s clean, which is the main thing for now and certainly livable but my goodness does it need renovation. Almost all of the cupboards are falling off, the drawers are all broken in someway and the door leading into the utility room needs replacing as it’s incredibly draughty but it’s a great size and it’s ours!

Check out some of the photos below so you can get an idea of its current state. To be honest, although it is in dire need of modernisation – it is by far an improvement from my rental, the kitchen there was absolutely horrible so all in all, this is definitely an improvement!


The garden is gorgeous! It is so big at around 90ft (maybe bigger) but it’s lovely and so promising with such a great amount of things you can do with it. We haven’t properly been out in it yet to investigate as it’s been soooo cold (snowing today) so we haven’t quite managed it yet but will probably give it more of a look in the next few days or when the snow has melted.


Overall, we are both over the moon to be in our new home and ready for the crazy challenges that await us. I am going to make sure this part of the blog is updated regularly with posts about what we are doing when and where so you can all be brought on to our journey with us. It’s such an exciting time and I can’t wait to involve you all. If you have any tips and ideas based on the photos you’ve seen, please do let us know – we’d love ideas!!!

Also, keep your eyes peeled for my new vlog coming soon….


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  1. Shannon
    February 27, 2018 / 5:25 pm

    This is so exciting! Congratulations on the new home and I can’t wait to see how you transform and decorate it.

    Shann Eileen |

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