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Fantastic quality food with a huge range of yummy choices




The Location

Vegan and Vegetarian food has, over the last few years, become a force in itself. People are trying new things, new healthy routes and learning all about new types of food and there are more vegan and vegetarian options available than ever before and more and more fantastic chefs and restaurateurs are using their skills to make restaurants and cafes suitable and fully catered for people who are vegan or vegetarian and it’s fantastic.

Even more so are the stunning vegan-friendly restaurants in Kent and this one being the fabulous, Kitch! The restaurant is situated on the high street in Canterbury towards the end of town in a lovely shabby chic building with a cute entrance and lovely seating arrangements. The lovely chefs can be seen at work in their open plan kitchen which I love. For me, it makes me feel like there’s no hidden agenda and I love that I can see them working hard on what I have ordered – and they smile all the time. I glanced over and everyone working had big grins on their faces, cute pinny’s on and clearly enjoying their morning – that’s always such a plus to see!

The Food

Although they specialise in vegan and vegetarian food, they do do meat products that are only sourced from local farms who rear their animals traditionally so that their animals live a happy healthy life. However, as I don’t eat meat, I was aaaall over this gorgeous little place. The first time I visited Kitch was on a girly afternoon our with my friend Harry, we sat outside and ordered yummy (super yummy) food and their delicious ‘dirty cacao’ which is basically espresso, cacao, cinnamon, ginger, cayenne, maple and almond milk… YUM! Whilst Harry had the Goddess bowl which was a delicious bowl of quiona, harissa roasted caulifower & squash with spinach, mint & parsley, marinated kale, sesame crusted avocado and topped with dukkah rolled poached eggs (with vegan options available, too). It looked amazing but I opted for the delicious gluten free buckwheat pancakes with cinnamon apple & berry compote, toasted walnuts & a very yummy maple syrup. Ridiculously good!


On this occasion though, Mark and I popped into Kitch whilst we were waiting to hear about our house completion so we were killing time and I thought it would be great to take him to Kitch as he had never been before. I don’t think he was disappointed. For breakfast, usually we go to Cote which also do faaaabulous breakfasts but for a change, we decided to try out Kitch for breakfast and it was wonderful. I tried their stunning vegan special, vegan french toast served with blood orange, almonds and dark chocolate whilst Mark had a full breakfast with all the trimmings.



Kitch is a fabulous little place and a fantastic addition to Canterbury, they do healthy yummy food that’s fully homemade, sourced locally, intriguing and a great introduction to new and enticing food products. Their pricing structure is fair for the ingredients and time spent on making the food so no complaints there. In the summer people gather outside but this can be a bit of an issue if you’re not wanting tourists and locals wandering all the way around you which can happen as you’re basically sat on the high street. The only other thing I’d say is that as this is primarily a restaurant that specialises in vegan and vegetarian food, I can imagine it being a bit of a pain when you’re sat upstairs enjoying your veggie foods when there’s bacon and sausages being cooked so, if possible, if this does bother you, just sit downstairs as the kitchen is upstairs and you won’t smell it, but if it doesn’t and you’re in luck, bag yourself a seat by the window and gaze out the high street – it’s super cosy and with a nice cup of something hot – it’s bound to make you feel fab!


4 St Peter’s St, Canterbury CT1 2AT


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