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Michelin Quality Food with Fabulous Gin Cocktails!

Wyatt & Jones


The Location

Wyatt & Jones is a beautiful independent, family run restaurant situated underneath the historic York Gate overlooking the stunning views of Viking Bay in Broadstairs. Their restaurant is beautifully rustic and homely and the minute you walk in you feel like you’ve walked into someone’s fabulous candle-lit dining room. Their menus change with the seasons and fabulously, they source all of their produce locally. They only use local fishermen and butchers, local Kentish juices, beer, ciders and wine and their fish is caught in the sea half a mile away and delivered straight to Wyatt & Jones to cook and if that wasn’t enough, they also bake their own beautiful bread, smoke their own fish (which is amazing) and butcher their meats. Having everything done in house adds to the value of the menu and makes you feel valued as a customer and puts in that extra amount of love into the food that you eat.

They are also included in the Good Food Guide 2018 and the Michelin Guide 2018.

Anyhoo… It was my birthday on the 2nd February and Mark took me here! It’s been a big favourite of mine and every time I have been, each experience has been fantastic so when Mark told me he was taking me there for my birthday, I was a super happy lady!

Katie & Mark



The Food

As mentioned above, Wyatt & Jones source their food locally and when you know this, your food somehow tastes just that little bit better. Everything tastes like they’ve gone above and beyond to not only assist local companies but to make you feel at home and valued as a customer. They take it seriously, and you can certainly tell. The quality is brilliant.

As a pre-snack we had some gorgeous crispy courgette and garlic mayonnaise – this stuff is to die for. It’s simple and delicious and melts in the mouth – I’ve never had it before and I can’t believe just how simple and effective crispy courgette is and when served with a dollop of homemade beautiful punchy garlic mayonnaise – you’re simply in heaven!

For starter I had the seared mackerel with celeriac and radish served with an apple & mustard butter and Mark had the slip sole with samphire, dill and salsa verde. The mackerel for me was melt-in-the-mouth delicious. I am a big fan of mackerel and when served right, it’s beautiful but it’s such an easy fish to ruin when cooking so searing it, for me, is always a plus and if it’s on the menu – I’m definitely going to get it.

I tried a bit of Mark’s sole and served with a bit of the bread that I had kept on the side and their gorgeous butter and crispy flakes of salt – I was in heaven. The sole flakes away the minute you eat it and it has such a delicate sweetness that really works well with the samphire.

For main I had the roast halibut loin served with a cauliflower and smoked Winterdale with a battered oyster and burnt onion. The halibut was stunning and meaty, it fell apart easily and was sweet and tangy all at the same time. The halibut worked incredibly well with the smoked Winterdale (which, if you haven’t had before, is a stunning cheese from Kent) and the battered oyster and burnt onion completely lifted the dish to new heights.

For dessert I indulged in the chocolate soufflé with a malted milk biscuit ice cream. Although this dish was lovely in flavour, it was burnt at the bottom a tad which made it chewy and mallowy and slightly bitter although the ice cream (which is incredible) helped take that flavour away. My only concern with the dessert apart from being a tad overdone was the fact that it doesn’t appear on the vegetarian dessert menu even though it is vegetarian (I asked) so I was confused why it wasn’t on that particular menu. I was told that it could be down to the fact there is a fifteen minute wait which confused me a little bit because people will wait for fifteen minutes for a good soufflé.

The cocktails though are on another level. Their gin specialty menu is absolutely stunning with such an incredible variety of gins and pairings such as jinzu gin served with a poached pear. If you haven’t had the luxury of good quality gin cocktails mixed by people who really know their gins then you are missing out!








Gorgeous food in a fantastic location. The food is cooked brilliantly, their reviews are accurate, their drinks menu is fantastic and their menu changes dependent on the seasons – it’s perfect and it’s tranquil and if you’re visiting Broadstairs then Wyatt & Jones are the place to go for a visit. The prices, I think, are accurate and well-priced for the quality of food you are receiving and in this case, you certainly get what you are paying for.


23-27 Harbour Street

Broadstairs, Kent CT10 1EU



  1. Shannon
    February 5, 2018 / 5:34 pm

    This restaurant sounds amazing! I love finding new places that offer a great atmosphere and even better when the food looks that good.

    Shann Eileen |

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