Benefits of Using Concealer!!

Being the most pale person in the world, using concealer is such an essential step when applying make-up. I’m certain that in the winter months, our sleep is slightly affected – we are forced awake by our alarms when it’s dark, the weather is often miserable and we struggle throughout the day because we are so tired so I’m always on the lookout for something that can perk us up and it’s already in our handbags – CONCEALER! 



Brightens those peepers

For me, this is definitely the most important, especially during these winter months! I have dark circles around my eyes and often the only think that can conceal them and make my eyes brighter is concealer. The best one for me is the airbrush concealer from Benefit, (I buy it at Feel Unique because it’s such a well-priced website). It gives a full coverage, is lovely and creamy in texture and instantly colour-corrects under eye circles & imperfections.

Get rid of those dark circles and spots


Concealer cannot magically remove spots and give you a completely smooth face but what it can do is help conceal those spots (without aggravating them), scars and dark circles and help make you feel fabulous and ready to go out and face the world with confidence. The trick is using Exuviance CoverBlend Multi Function Concealer. It’s rich in antioxidants that don’t dry out the skin, hydrates and protects at the same time, while improving your skin tone and texture. I’ve used this for quite a while now and whenever I’m feeling spotty and gross – this is what I get out and it instantly makes me feel so much better.


Concealer DOES work as a base for eyeshadow

I don’t usually wear that much eyeshadow unless I’m going on a night out and I don’t know about you but do you ever get home and get the shock of your life when you realise your eyeshadow is blotchy, flaky and the colour has somehow changed? If you apply a dab of concealer (any really) as the base and set it with some loose powder, your eye shadow will last far longer than usual and won’t crack and flake after a night out. 

Concealer DOES work as a base for your lipstick

Same as above really, if you put a tinsy tiny tab of concealer on your lips before applying your lipstick your lipstick will stay on far longer than if you don’t use concealer. I use a light concealer so it doesn’t affect the colour of the lipstick and only a tiny amount to help keep in place the colour. 


Great for contouring and highlighting

A concealer that is two/three shades darker than your skin tone can be used to contour the face perfectly and a concealer that is two/three shades lighter than your skin tone can also be used as a highlighter. I have a gorgeous concealer set from NYX that I absolutely adore. I have the light one that has eight shades that help to sharpen your cheekbones and give your skin such a lovely glow. It’s so well priced as well and easy to blend – perfect! NYX

There are so many reasons why you should use a concealer that will really help you get your monies worth. If you use concealer for anything else, I’d love to know? Or what your favourite concealer is?



  1. Shannon
    February 5, 2018 / 5:32 pm

    I definitely never leave the house without my concealer! Currently loving the Born This Way one by Too Faced. Nothing better than one that’s both brightening and full coverage.

    Shann Eileen |

    • February 6, 2018 / 2:10 pm

      Ohhh I haven’t used that one before but I may have to give it a go on my next concealer run. I’ll note it down. Thanks lady xx

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