We Rise By Lifting Others

Years and years and years ago (way before I was in any way tech savvy), I started a blog about kindness and how I wanted to promote kindness in a world where technology, the media and teen pressures can sometimes build up to produce a scary place for youngsters growing up. Back then I didn’t really understand what I wanted the blog to be so it sort of faded to non-existence but I’m bringing it back for this post…

As I’ve grown older I’ve become far more aware of the pressures on youngsters to look good, be a certain way and to fit in with the latest trends then I ever did when I was growing up. Not to say I didn’t experience these pressures – I definitely did but back then the world of social media was just beginning, for youngsters now – it’s pretty much all they know. It’s ridiculously hard to escape from the media and it’s SO SO easy to feel like you should be doing something/being someone else to please others or to fit in, whether it’s looking a certain way, changing yourself to fit in, feeling like you’re not enough because you’ve seen an Instagram post of someone’s seemingly perfect life… You all know what I’m talking about – I’m 28 in a month (oooooh my God!!!) and I still feel this way occasionally.
After doing some research online I found some incredible campaigns run by some AWESOME people to help reassure youngsters that they don’t have to look a certain way, be a certain way or follow trends in order to change themselves. It’s important to realise that wherever you come from, whatever you look like, whatever you do… You are and always will be you and that’s awesome. Why would you want to be anyone else?
Life is and never will be easy. You’ll stumble and you’ll fall but you’ll build up strength and confidence along the way to get up and try again.
We rise by lifting others so be kind, be supportive, be true and be you.
Baby Katie

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