Review: Madklubben Steak

“Copenhagen’s hidden gem”

Madklubben Steak
I took my boyfriend to Copenhagen for his birthday in March (2017) and wanted to surprise him by taking him to a top-notch steak restaurant (his favourite) but because I only eat fish I knew I was going to struggle to find somewhere that would cater nicely for the pair of us but when I did some research, the Madklubben restaurant stood out from its location, incredible reviews and fantastic pricing structure and so I booked a table for two!

The Location

Madklubben Steak is a restaurant in Copenhagen that packs the faces of happy guests and attractive plates of food. The restaurant is a chain but you’d never know this because each restaurant has its own funky surroundings. With its brick walls & seats overlooking an open-kitchen – it’s hard to imagine a friendlier and more open minded atmosphere. Upon arrival we have our coats taken off us and a super friendly waitress take us to our seats. We’ve opted for the three course meal and as we sit down we are given a little bowl of popcorn to delve into before our starter arrives. The waitress is more than happy to talk us through their menu and what we have ordered before offering us yummy cocktails to start. Perfect.

The Food

Their ethos is to offer excellent food and drink for an unusually reasonable price (especially for Copenhagen) and their manifesto is simply to keep their customers in good spirit, continuous laughter and if there are any problems to let them know immediately so they can make any problem go away. Well, there wasn’t a single problem – the food was far, far too good for that.

To start I had cured salmon, daikon, beetroots, butter milk and horseradish – the dish was delicate, light and sweet with a hint of acidity that helped to lift the dish in a beautiful way. Each element of the dish was cooked to perfection and created various different flavour elements which were very enjoyable.

The reason for our visit though was the lobster (oh, and the steak for Mark), but I’d never had a whole lobster before and was super excited to dig in. Sure, I’d had lobster in spaghetti or in ravioli but never whole and so when the time (finally) arrived, I was dribbling with giddiness. Cooking lobster is an art, and if you do not get the timing just right, it can render it tough and chewy. The lobster was served whole but cut up ready to be eaten with minimal fuss and served with a béchamel sauce.

I have to also say that the chips there are also fantastic. I’m a real potato lover but chips can often be an afterthought and often always bland and boring but these were thrice cooked and delivered with a rich gravy sauce to compliment them and I certainly wasn’t disappointed. For me, chips should either be served with rosemary and truffle oil/salt or exactly how they were served in Copenhagen. I’ve not had them quite like that since so perhaps I’ll have to take another trip back there to taste them once again… What a shame!



“Buzzing, fun and well-priced”
It’s a fantastic restaurant with a great buzz, a fabulous menu with lots of choices. The staff go above and beyond to make your visit perfect and the location is in a wonderful part of the City. I’ve only ever been to Copenhagen once but one of the reasons I know I will go back is this little gem of a restaurant!


Pilestræde 23 1112 Copenhagen K Phone: +45 33 13 33 34

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