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Fun, Bustling & Always Tasty!

Cafe Des Amis


Cafe Des Amis

The Location

Cafe Des Amis is in one of the best locations in Canterbury and opened in 1988 after Bill & Emmanuelle Betham travelled Mexico in 1987. They bought the premises a year later and having had the idea and inspiration of mexican cuisine from their travels – Cafe Des Amis was born and opened its doors and from that moment on (albeit with a few ups and downs – their website offers a fab story) it became one of the best Mexican restaurants in town.

The Food 

Cafe Des Amis is famous for its super friendly, eat-with-your-hands, share your food and have a great time atmosphere and you really wouldn’t have it any other way. The food is so tasty! Mark & I decided to head into Canterbury after a failed trip to Whitstable (we have a once-a-month-get-your-nice-outfits-on-date-night) and this wasn’t it so when we were in Whitstable we were looking for a cheap and cheery place for dinner and couldn’t really find anywhere so we drove on back down to Canterbury and went to the old trusty Cafe Des Amis.

You cannot go to a Mexican restaurant and NOT get cocktails!!! I had my absolute favourite – the frozen pina colada which is a divine mix of white rum and pineapple – perfect and definitely got me feeling happy and tipsy!

For starter we just decided on good ol’ fashioned chips and dips. Mark had the typical salsa (he is a super big fan of anything salsa related so God forbid you’ve just bought yourself a jar of dip for your Doritos because I am telling you now, it will be gone before you blink) and I had a spicy pineapple salsa. So tasty.

For dinner we decided on the absolutely gorgeous mixed seafood fajitas in a garlic ancho chilli butter which came with a selection of yummy dips in one of the best serving plates I’ve ever seen. Want, want want!! There was more than enough and the amount of food you have is certainly deceptive. We were unsure whether it would be enough for two really (we eat a lot) but it was the perfect amount. We were left feeling totally stuffed and more than happy. The seafood consisted of king prawns, squid and tiger prawns with a mix of onions in sizzling spices and a superb mix of salsas, cheese and jalapenos.

For dessert (apologies for the non-photo) but I delved right in and didn’t think twice (sorry). We had churros. Aaaahhh you cannot go wrong with churros and chocolate sauce. It’s just a pure taste of heaven all wrapped up in crispy doughy goodness and melting hot chocolate – perfect!





fajita dips


Cafe Des Amis are well-priced, do great discounts if you’re a student and offer a friendly, can-do attitude for everyone there. The chap who manages the restaurant has been there a long time and I’ve never seen someone so proud of his staff and his customers. I watched him bring out a cake for another table celebrating a birthday and he hid in the background and watched them singing happy birthday (he sung as well) but with a big grin on his face. When you’ve been somewhere for quite a while sometimes the magic disappears over time but you can tell he loves the food, the customers and the environment so much – it’s in his bones and that’s a big deal to me so if you’re looking for somewhere trusty, delicious and full of high ratings( OH YEAH – even Orlando Bloom has said how much he loves this place), then stroll on by!


95 St. Dunstans St, Canterbury CT2 8AA


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