Travel Review of Cornwall, 2017

Pretty Little Cornwall

What a lovely Cornish escape. The cross over period between December and January is daunting… One minute you’re indulging, you’re having long lie-ins, you’re catching up on box-sets and smiling at the sparkly tree decorations on the tree whilst laying on your cosy sofa and the next you’re taking down the Christmas decorations, you’re stocking up on cucumber and lettuce and you’re at the gym listening to the Top 50 Motivational Gym Tracks instead of watching episode 42 of friends (The One Where Dr. Ramoray Dies) with a box of shortbread and a cup of hot chocolate.

The Christmas films have gone and the weather goes from wet and miserable to even more wet and miserable and we didn’t care too much when it was Christmas but now it’s not… So, the dreary rainy windyness that is the UK drags us away from our happy Christmas mood to miserable and sad because it’s now January and let’s face it, everyone hates January.

For me, the in-between bit of Christmas and New Year though is a time to think back on the past year, to look back on all of my achievements, the things that made me smile, the people I enjoyed spending time with and the things I want to do in 2018. For me, it’s a time to reflect, to consider and to contemplate and for the last two years in a row, I’ve had the ultimate pleasure of doing this in the beautiful County of Cornwall.

I can genuinely recommend this as a Cornish escape, not only over summer but definitely during Christmas too.


A Little Bit About

In 2016, I went to stay with my then-new boyfriend Mark and to meet his lovely family who live in Redruth. I remember getting up at 4.30am on the 27th December and de-icing my frozen over car to make the super long 6 hour drive from my parents house in Essex to Mark’s family home in Redruth, Cornwall.
When I arrived I was greeted by Mark and his family’s two dogs, Timber (Malamute Alsatian cross) and Missy (Yorkshire Terrier, Jack Russell cross) and spent a beautiful week of exploring, getting lost in new places and surroundings and getting to know Mark and his family.
Mark took me to some incredible places and some of the sights I saw blew me away from reality – a perfect way to say goodbye to the year and welcome in a new one. So in 2017, it was a pretty easy decision to go back to Mark’s family home (as we decided to spend Christmas with our respective families this year) and continue with exploring new and awesome places.

This time, we visited the FABULOUS Tintagel Castle where King Arthur was born. It’s super easy to see why Tintagel Castle and the coastline has set alight the imaginations of writers and filmmakers from all over the world – it’s stunning and nestled in such a cute little place and a lovely Cornish escape, and being able to immerse yourself in history, myths and the beautiful scenery of this rugged north coast was a delight and a definite highlight of this years pre-new year adventure!



On yet another lovely day (we were lucky, the terrible weather only hit before and after we went out) we went to Perranporth, a stunning beach nestled perfectly amongst rolling green hills overlooking miles of golden sands, clear waters and awesome cliff walks! We decided to take Timber to the beach and chased her as she ran around on the sand with all the other dogs.
Mark and I aren’t dog owners so I am definitely not used to taking a big dog out for a walk with so many other people and dogs but I felt like a proud parent as she came bounding back to me whenever I called her. The other thing I’m definitely not used to is how many people compliment your dog!!! Imagine if we went over to people in the street, patted them and said “what lovely fur” or “You’re such a good girl. What breed are you?”
Perranporth is such a gorgeous place though that it has definitely hit my ‘must-do’ walks for when we skip January and head into the summer months! So, although the weather was pretty poor and there was this Australian flu thing going around – it was still a really lovely break and a great way to see in the New Year.

I spend so much time following what other people are doing whether it be on Facebook, Snapchat, Twitter, Pinterest, Blogs, Vlogs etc etc that it’s nice to not be so connected to your phone and it’s wonderful to ask someone “errrr, what actual day is it again?” and basically just have a few days of not knowing and enjoying the outside (although, obviously I was taking photographs).

Do you have any places you absolutely love to go to? If you liked reading about this Cornish escape you might like my other review of Copenhagen, which can be found here.


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