Review: The Greenbank Hotel

“A pretty location and a fab cocktail menu”

The Greenbank Hotel
 The Greenbank Hotel

The food

I first came here on the 30th December 2016 with my boyfriend as a treat before New Years Eve and had a sublime evening of cocktails and a tasty seasonal menu. A year to the day later (30th December 2017) we were back to experience the same enjoyable evening we had the year previous. The evening started well, we sat on a comfortable two-seater sofa in the lovely warm lobby on a rainy winter’s evening and were happy when our deliciously made Espresso Martini and Cornish Old Fashioned arrived.
It was when we were given our menu’s that we were first a tad disappointed. On their website we were greeted by a delicious sounding menu and although I am fully aware that menu’s do change seasonally – we weren’t keen on the menu that was given to us.
For starter I chose the classic prawn cocktail. For me, prawn cocktail is simple – it’s juicy prawns on a bed of iceberg lettuace and is usually served before a Christmas dinner however this was no ordinary prawn cocktail. The prawns were served in a mini shot glass with a sweet and tangy marie rose sauce and with it was a cute little shellfish espresso similar to a bisque with saffron infusion.
Prawn Starter
For my main I had a baked fillet of hake on a bed of mussels, saffron nage, fresh tomatoes in a vermouth. For me, hake can be fairly bland if not cooked and seasoned well as it has a much more subtle taste than cod but although the fish was cooked well and it retained its firmness, the vermouth, for me, was weak, too watery and lacking in seasoning.
However, it was the dessert that let the meal down. I ordered the honey citrus poached pear with a spiced blackberry compote and clotted cream ice cream with a couple of cinnamon shortbread on the side. To me, this sounded like a delicious sounding treat to cleanse the palate so I was excited to try it however when it arrived I was let down. The plate had fingerprint marks on the side and hadn’t been wiped down, the blackberry compote wasn’t spiced particularly well and looked a bit of a mess on the plate but it was the pear that let the plate down – it wasn’t cooked through at all – cold in the middle and rock solid – not at all how a poached pear should taste like and if I hadn’t used my hand to hold it whilst sawing through it with the spoon, I’d be faced with a broken window on the bill as well as the food so I had to send it back. I was offered, very kindly for a second go at it but I declined – usually I would have taken the waitress up on the offer but a complimentary coffee sufficed instead.
Pear Dessert


“A welcoming place with incredible well-trained and polite staff”
Although I was still charged for my dessert, the evening wasn’t ruined for me. The location itself is a huge selling point and the cocktail choices are fantastic but it’s the staff that bring the magic. Everyone is so happy to have a chat, give recommendations, explain menu choices and all with a smile, a hand behind their back and excellent customer service based skills.
Although the food could’ve been better I would recommend this restaurant and I would like to give it another go – maybe next January on the 30th to keep up the ol’ tradition.


Greenbank Hotel
Stratton Pl, Falmouth TR11 2SR

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