Review: GB Pizza

Imaginative, incredibly tasty and easily the best slice of pizza you’ll ever have.

GB Pizza

The Location

For what feels like a long time now, Margate has been on the rise as a location in itself. They’ve totally renovated Dreamland, they have the wonderful Turner Contemporary gallery which takes pride of place on the seafront and there’s countless little antique shops to wander around in – for me it’s a cosy, cute family favourite and as a resident of Canterbury – it’s not far to go to for a little wander about on the beach with a good few cafes around to keep you fed and watered… Soooo in light of that let me introduce you to GBPizza!

Where shall I start? The location of GBPizza sits prominently by the beach and is the perfect place to go to on either a hot summers day or a freezing cold day in January (which is when we went). After mucking about watching the gigantic wintery waves blast over the cars (and us because I laugh in the fear of danger apparently) Mark and I were starving! I mentioned a place to him that I went to a few years back that I had fond memories of and suggested GB Pizza. Obviously, Mark didn’t put up much of a fight!

The location is open-plan, very small with a bar and one toilet (which has pictures of heroes and heroines of all kinds) which I loved! We sat down and poured over the menu which had such a variety for meat eaters, pescatarians and veggies so we were definitely well catered for.

 The Food

I had the anchovy, oregano, chilli flakes and cheese pizza whilst Mark had the Peppers, Kentish goat’s curd & basil pizza and we ordered a rocket and Parmesan salad to share along with two Kingsdown sparkling drinks (apple and rhubarb). The food didn’t take too long to arrive, around 20 minutes or so which I think is the perfect time to sip your drinks, have a bit of a conversation and take in the atmosphere which I love. It’s got this “everyone is welcome regardless of who you are” type feeling here where you eat with your hands, you dress and look how you want and just all come together to eat great pizza and then go on your merry way. It’s great.

The food is fabulous. Hot, tasty and full of flavour. The pizza is thin and crispy, with handmade tomato sauce (recipe please – it’s lush) and has a contemporary rustic feel to it that leaves you wanting more and more and more.



I’m a huge fan of pizza anyway but this is a game changer. They’re well-priced, they source their food locally, they use the best of British produce, they have a list of all of their suppliers online and in store so you know exactly where your food is coming from AND they are in the UK’s top 25 pizzerias from the Sunday Times 2016. You can’t say much more than that really.

Couldn’t recommend this gorgeous little place enough. If you’re in town – you must go to GB Pizza and if you’re not in town, you must travel down to Margate, build a sand castle and get yourself to GB Pizza! ​​


14a Marine Dr, Margate CT9 1DH

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