Cocktail Inspired Gift Ideas Under £20

Grab a bargain!

Cocktails are simply the drink of choice these days aren’t they? When you head to a bar and you see the normal drinks menu next to the sparkly cocktail menu, I know what my hands reach towards. The choices are divine and there’s such a variety to choose from! One of my favourite cocktail bars in my hometown of Canterbury, Kent is Bramley’s not just because of the insane choice you have but because of the effort it takes to simply make one… The ingredients, the liquor choices, the mixing, the production and the delivery – it’s so intense and is it me or are cocktail makers ridiculously knowledgeable about literally everything alcohol – they’re like walking talking recipe books!
If you’re underage or just don’t fancy a drink then mocktails are also a fabulous choice over your standard soft drink anyday – my choice is almost always a mocktail mojito… But whatever your stance on cocktails (the drinking kind), one of the BEST things to come from them have been the cocktail inspired products!
Check out some of the (I think) fabulous cocktail inspired gift ideas I have found for you aaaall under £20!
Products and website listed in order at the bottom.
 Cocktail Shaker
Gin Book
Fever Tree
Gin Body Shower
Gin Body Shower
Cocktail jugs
Cocktail jugs
Chocolate Body Scrub
Glass Cocktail Shaker – £4.00 – Tiger (in store only)
Cottage Delight Classic Cocktail Lovers Gift Set – £20.00 (although I bagged these for £4.00 in Fenwicks)
Purple and Pink cocktail mugs – Fenwicks (in store only) – 80p each
Aluminum tumblers – £4.00 – Primark (in store only)
Coffee and Orange body scrub – £1.00 – Primark (in store only)

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