Travel Review of Copenhagen, 2017

Travelling to Copenhagen

When Mark told me he wanted to travel to Norway it got me thinking… Now as much as I would have loved to have taken him to Norway, I simply couldn’t afford it but I, too, was desperate for a little getaway myself and whilst thinking of something to get Mark for his birthday… I decided instead of presents, I’d take him to Copenhagen for the weekend.

Copenhagen is truly wonderful. It’s the cleanest place I have ever travelled to, with lovely big open wide roads, proper bicycle lanes, bins everywhere… It feels like a place that truly cares about the environment around them.

The food was out of this freaking world. I don’t think there was a single place we went to where the food was average, all of the restaurants we went to were totally memorable – but there was one that stood out above the rest and that was Madklubben (cheggitoot)!

What to Do in Copenhagen

I genuinely couldn’t recommend a place enough. There is so much to see and do. The food is rather expensive but it’s worth it and I couldn’t recommend getting the Copenhagen Card enough. I knew we would go on many excursions and this would’ve cost a ridiculous amount of money without this awesome little card. Honestly it was amazing, it gave us entry to pretty much ALL of the major attractions and amazingly gave us 100% free transport… Seriously! How cool is that? It saved us so much money so if you’re planning a trip like this do some research on these types of cards because they’ll save you lots of ££!

Frederiksborg Castle

Whilst in Copenhagen you really must go to Frederiksborg Castle (especially if you have a thing for Renaissance architecture). The castle preeeetty much silenced both Mark and I and if you knew us, that’s definitely a hard thing to do. The castle is more than impressive, it’s absolutely stunning and a total work of art. IT was built in the 17th century by Danish King Christian IV and the level of craftsmanship that went into this build is second to none and something you simply cannot miss out.

Copenhagen Zoo

I think the only place I found myself a bit saddened by was Copenhagen Zoo. I’m not the biggest fan of zoos anyway because more often than not the ones I have visited have too small an enclosure for my liking and I dislike seeing animals pacing up and down with nothing to do. For me, I felt that Copenhagen Zoo was a little too on the ‘old’ side of things. I thought that a lot of the enclosure seemed too small and I fully disagree with their surplus programme (read their website for more information) but that said, the scientific work Copenhagen Zoo does did help ease my thoughts a little.

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