About Me!

For as long as I can remember I have been in love with food, lifestyle, company and good cocktails and this little corner of the World Wide Web is my honest and humble views/opinion on, well, basically all of the above!​

So Who Am I?

I am a pescatarian, a video producer, a petite human with a deep joy for calamari, mac and cheese and a general love for comfort food, delicious fine-dining, home decor/renovation, exploring and spending time with my favourite people (so… all in all a bit of everything, really)!​

I’ve also had the pleasure of writing for various media outlets. Check out my recent collaboration with Kent Live about the Best and Worst restaurants in Kent here.

For me, I choose to write about things I love, feel passionate about, enjoy and want to share – with, well, anyone who wants to read!

Want to Work With Me?

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